5 Reasons to Try a BootyBarre Workout Class


Our BootyBarre classes in Brisbane are fun, energetic and sexy! These workouts will tone and sculpt your whole body. You don’t need to be able to dance, and you will be fit, taut, and strong in no time. Here are 5 reasons to try a class:

  1. BootyBarre Gives a Great All Over Workout

Barre dance classes in Brisbane are immensely popular because of the total body workout! The classes incorporate dance, cardio, strength training, and flexibility in one fun workout that sees you burning fat and strengthening your muscles all at once. You will leave the class happily exhausted.


  1. Great for Core Strength

As one of the leading dance schools in Brisbane, we see our students loving the effects that Barre has on the core. As well as being great for the booty, a BootyBarre class strengthens the abs. The mix of pilates, yoga, and ballet gives core strength like no other workout session.


  1. Terrific Cardio Workout

You get a great cardio workout while learning some dance moves and increasing your strength. There is no worry about missing out on your cardio workout – you are getting it all here!


  1. You Gain Increased Flexibility at Our Dance School in Brisbane

The yoga and dance moves in these dance classes in Brisbane make BootyBarre a safe form of exercise that increases your flexibility and strength simultaneously. Your body will quickly become nimble, and you never leave a workout with muscle aches and pains. The focused stretches in BootyBarre leave your body supple and strong.


  1. BootyBarre is Fun!

Let’s face it, working out can be downright dull, and it can feel like a chore. BootyBarre is on trend right now because it is a fun and exciting workout.

Come along and try out one of our BootyBarre classes in Brisbane and see what everyone is talking about! You will be glad you did!