Have You Heard About the Booty Barre Classes at Our Brisbane Location? They’re Incredible!

It’s been a rising trend for the last few years, and it’s available as a class in our Brisbane studio. Have any idea what we’re talking about? Naturally, we’re referring to Booty Barre classes, the exciting blend of yoga, pilates, and ballet. It’s one of the hottest big city workouts around, and if you’ve never heard of it, now’s the perfect time for an introduction. Dancecorp offers Barre classes at our Brisbane studio, and can fill you in on some of the details.

What Is a Barre Class?

We hinted at it before. Booty Barre classes are a combination of several disciplines, complemented by the use of a ballet barre to balance yourself while performing different exercises. It can sometimes incorporate weights, mats, and other accessories to augment the workout in various ways.

After a warm up and about a half hour at the barre, the classes will typically end with some pilates styled ab and back workouts, and various stretches to improve flexibility. Instead of the large movements that you would do in a weight or traditional strength training class, Booty Barre classes focus on smaller, isometric movements to fire up your muscles.

Many people wonder if there’s any benefit to smaller movements, to which the answer is, “yes”. You can hold the barre poses much longer than you would the postures in other exercises, allowing you to engage your muscles continuously. You isolate specific slow-twitch muscles, and that can help with your endurance. Also, these kinds of activities don’t put the kind of strain on your ligaments and tendons that big strength exercises do, reducing your risk of injury.

Barre classes are also an excellent way to work multiple muscle groups. You kill two birds with one stone, in a manner of speaking, and get the heart rate pumping even higher. Barre classes can also help with weight reduction in certain individuals. Those with different body types will see different gains, but all around Barre classes have something to offer almost everyone. Even men can get in on the action. It helps target groups of muscles that they might have overlooked in their regular workout routine.

All in all, Booty Barre classes are a multifaceted way to exercise, and keep your energy levels high. Best of all, no dance experience is required to complete the workouts successfully. Remember: these are fitness classes, not dance classes!

Your Spot for Booty Barre Classes in Brisbane

This type of class is a hot exercise, which is why you should head to a hot studio to take your Booty Barre classes. Dancecorp is the way to go for an excellent Barre workout taught by our qualified and talented Booty Barre instructor. Groups of up to ten can experience the one-hour workout, and once you do we’re almost certain you’ll want to give it another go in the future. Book in advance and get ready for an exercise like no other. We’d love to welcome you to our studio, so please shoot us an email or give us a call on 0401 092 508 to learn more about awesome Barre classes.