Dancecorp Gift Vouchers

A Dancecorp Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion because the value of any Gift Voucher can be put towards any course of les-sons you want. So whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, Valentines Day, Xmas or just to say “Thank You” we’ve got you covered with our unique range of Printable Gift Vouchers that are tailored to suit any occasion.

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Dancecorp Gift Voucher

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Thank You Gift Voucher

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Engagement Gift Voucher

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Wedding Gift Voucher

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Birthday Gift Voucher

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Valentines Gift Voucher

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Anniversary Gift Voucher

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Christmas Gift Voucher

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Terms and Conditions

Start Date
Your Gift Voucher is activated at the time of purchase.

Expiry Date
Your Gift Voucher is for valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Upon purchase Gift Vouchers are Non Cancellable, Non ransferable and Non Refundable.

No Cash Value
Gift Vouchers may be used towards the purchase of Private Dance Lessons,Dance Classes or Dance Fitness Classes on either a Casual or Term basis at any Dancecorp Dance Studio or Location however they may not be used to purchase Gift Vouchers or be
redeemed for cash.

Gift Voucher Recipients
Your Gift Voucher is activated at the time of purchase.

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