Booty Barre is the latest dance fitness sensation. It is on trend and continues to grow in popularity. Why is it so popular? It is an all over body workout that tones, strengthens and increases your fitness. And it is enormously fun!

Get a Dancer’s Body

The dance component of our booty barre dances classes in Brisbane allow you to achieve a toned and flexible body. Your strength is gained from the dance aspect of the class and your body is strengthened by all the ab and booty work. The high cardio aspect of booty barre means that you sweat it out while having fun.

Ease into the Class

The class is not for the faint hearted – you will feel the burn! We ease you into the class during the first 10 minutes. In booty barre, you work hard and get results. The class goes quickly because it is so much fun – and because of the high results you achieve amazing results in a short timeframe.

It is a Mixture of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet

As one of the leading dance schools in Brisbane, we run a high impact class that gives you a real all over workout. The dance aspect of Barre burns calories and increases cardiovascular fitness. The combination of pilates and yoga tone and shape your body.

It Really Works the Booty

Barre is known as Booty Barre for a reason! Much of the workout is done on the toes and includes squats, lunges, and thigh work. In a ballet style workout, you are often up on your toes with your heels together. Your heels will be flexed for most of the workout. The booty, abs, and thighs all get a great workout in barre. The upper body is also toned and strengthened.


Booty Barre is an exciting new concept in dance fitness. We have a range of barre classes in Brisbane available and beginners are welcome. You do not need to be a dancer, and if you are new to exercise this ok too. Contact us to find out more.