So you have picked your bridal song and have your wedding dance moves down pat. Did you love it? Learn heaps and have a great time? Why not take up some social dance lessons just for fun? We offer ballroom dancing classes in Brisbane, as well as a host of other forms of dance.

The Tango

If you have always wanted to learn to tango, try our tango classes! Tango is a dramatic and distinctive form of dance, which makes it fun to learn and a favourite amongst our members. The tango is great for when you are new to dance and it is full of passion and energy.

The Fox Trot

The foxtrot is based on a gentle walking motion and is one of the most easy dances to learn. Great for beginners, this form of dance can be done to a range of music from 1930’s, jazz and even country.

Cha Cha

The cha cha is a form of sexy Latin American ballroom dancing with small steps and swaying hip movements. It will keep you fit and is a real social style. You will increase your energy and reduce stress with the cha cha!

The Samba

The samba is a full of life South American dance that is fun and energetic. It has been around for centuries and originated in Brazil. The samba is great as a fun fitness workout – and a terrific alternative to the gym!


Ballroom dancing, and all forms of dancing, are great fun for people of all ages. It is something that connects you as a couple, creates memories, and is also a social outlet and a great way of keeping fit.

As well as the above we do a variety of dance lessons including but not limited to Booty Barre, Swing Dance Classes, Merengue, Salsa, The Rumba, the Waltz and Ballroom Dancing in Brisbane.

For more information about our fun and exciting membership programs, or for a free class, contact us!