At Dancecorp we can teach you all the popular ballroom dances. Not only is ballroom dancing in Brisbane loads of fun, there are a host of other benefits too.

  1. Social Interaction

Ballroom dancing classes are intensely social. You will make new friends, and the atmosphere is warm, inviting, and positive. Studies have proven that dancing with friends can boost your self esteem and give you a brighter more upbeat attitude.

  1. Increased Confidence

Dancing gives you confidence. As your skills increase, your self-esteem and confidence will grow. Dancing will bring you out of your shell as you step outside of your comfort zone and dance with different partners.

  1. Memory Enhancing

Did you know that music is one of the best things to enhance your memory? When you do ballroom dancing, you need to memorise the steps and choreography. This increases your memory without you even trying.

  1. Health and Fitness

 Ballroom dancing is a fun way to increase your health and fitness. You don’t even notice your increased heart rate as you dance the time away! Your muscles become firm and toned, your cardiovascular strength increases, and the movements are done in such a way that there is little chance of injury.

  1. Relaxation

Stress will leave your body and mind when you enrol in our dance schools in Brisbane. Your body produces natural endorphins when exercising, and the combination of great music, excellent company, and enjoyment will allow you to not only leave your worries behind for the duration of the class, but to be better able to cope with stress in day to day life.


If ballroom dancing is something you have always wanted to learn, why not give it a try? There is nothing to lose and so much to gain! As one of the leading dance schools in Brisbane we have a host of classes to choose from. Contact us today.