Dance Lesson Options

Our aim is to ensure that our members enjoy all that dancing has to offer and that they have the best possible experience whilst learning with us

Dancecorp Brisbane specialises in social dancing for both beginners and advanced students and offers a variety of dance styles. You will be able to tailor your dancing to suit your interests so, whether you want to dance like a professional or just for the fun of it, Dancecorp Brisbane is definitely the place to learn.

Dancecorp Brisbane offers a variety of tuition including private lessons, semi private lessons (small groups), group lessons and fun social nights as well as a variety of regular events to give you every opportunity to socialise and use your dancing.

Dance Lesson Options…
Private Lessons

Private lessons are considered the best way to accelerate your learning because your instructor will be able to concentrate on your individual dancing and you’ll be taught at whatever pace suits you best.

Private lessons also offer the greatest flexibility when it comes to lesson times as they are booked on an individual basis and for people with busy schedules or shift workers this may be the only type of tuition they can do due to their other commitments. It is also much easier to learn through private tuition, even a beginner can be dancing comfortably in no time at all.

Private lessons make you the centre of attention and if your interest in dancing extends to the more advanced elements of technique and style, then privates are a must!

  • Flexibility in times
  • Includes Single Students, Couples or Friends (2 max)
  • Quickest & easiest way to learn
  • Includes advanced technique & styling

Optimum results through personalised instruction

Semi Private Lessons

Want to learn with your own group of friends? A Semi-Private lesson has all the flexibility and benefits of a Private lesson with the added fun of learning with your own small group.

Specifically designed to cater for small groups of family / friends, bridal parties or work mates, this type of lesson allows you the benefit of sharing the cost whilst having an instructor concentrating on your particular group’s dancing.

Your Semi-Private lessons can be tailored to include any dances, technique or style you wish and being semi-private, have the flexibility in booking times as well.

A Semi-Private lesson would typically consist of between 3-8 people and does not require even numbers of male & female participants.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a lot of fun although not always the fastest way to learn. 

Group Lessons are only available to students who are learning on their own individual dance program. They are designed to be taken in conjunction with regular private lessons and are held on a regular basis every week throughout the entire year.

Supervised by one of our instructors they will help reduce the cost of learning and when attended in conjunction with private lessons. They are a great way of practicing your newly mastered dance steps with others.

There are usually between eight to sixteen students in attendance. Gain greater involvement with other students and increased variety in the learning process by attending groups.

Practicing your dancing through regular group lessons will help consolidate your learning and make the steps easier to remember so that you will enjoy your dancing more.

Groups lessons also provide added bonuses in the following ways:

  • Meet new people
  • Tuition from a variety of instructors
  • Gain confidence through a better knowledge of step patterns

Develop your leading/following skills by dancing with different partners.

Studio Socials

You’ve gained the knowledge of various dances and steps in your private lessons, you’ve been practicing in your group lessons and classes now it’s time to party!!!

Studio Socials are a fantastic night out. They’re held on a regular basis at our Woolloongabba and are a great way to meet people as well as good practice and have lots of fun.

As we play a variety of music at our Studio Socials, students develop the ability to dance to any type of music when out socially. Our staff act as hosts for the evening ensuring everyone has a good time.

All current and past Dancecorp students and their guests are welcome to attend our Studio Socials however bookings are essential!

  • Enjoy your dancing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Dance with partners of all levels
  • Enjoy a variety of music
  • Practice and develop your dancing skills
  • Gain floor craft
  • Simply ENJOY !!

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