Dance Styles taught at Dancecorp – Brisbane

Dancecorp specialise in Ballroom & Wedding dance classes as well as Latin and Barre dance classes. As well as the more popular dances shown below Dancecorp also teaches a wide variety of social ballroom and Latin dances that are fun to learn and can be used in any social situation including the Hustle, Mambo, West Coast Swing, Bolero, Argentine Tango, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz. Our students can design their own Social Ballroom and Latin Dance Dance Programs to include any or all of the dance classes that we teach and may also include Showcase Exhibitions in their learning if they want the excitement and challenge of learning and performing Dance Exhibitions at our Dance Spectacular Events. We have been training people to dance through our fun and friendly dance classes since 1992, to get started on any of our social ballroom dancing classes listed below – Contact us on 07 3391 7355 or visit our studio based in East Brisbane.

waltz dance style


A traditional ballroom dancing favourite with Bridal Couples the Waltz continues to be a must for all good dancers. It’s grace and poise captures the romance and elegance of good dancing

foxtrot dance style


One of the easiest of all the ballroom dances to learn because of it’s relaxed and natural walking action, you can dance the Foxtrot to almost any type of music and best of all it’s fun

tango dance style


The Tango continues to be a favorite among our ballroom and Latin dancing members. Its dramatic style and distinctive movements make it fun to learn and very appealing

rumba dance style


The seductive movements of the Rumba give this Latin dance a lot of appeal, easy to learn and fun the Rumba can be done to almost any type of music

cha cha dance style

Cha Cha

This is one of the faster dances taught in the Dancecorp Syllabus. The Cha Cha is very sexy but in a cheeky way making this dance a lot of fun

swing dance style


Dancecorp teaches several styles of swing however to start with most beginners learn the ‘Single Swing’ which is danced to the faster Rock n Roll style of music…

Dance Active Classes

These classes are fun, energetic workouts, help improve your flexibility, co-ordination as well as sculpting toning and strengthening.  They fuse fitness techniques from dance that will define and chisel your body. You don’t need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner!

Bridal Dance Lessons

Dancecorp has helped and trained 1000 ’ s of Wedding Couples realise their perfect first dance together as husband and wife. We have a Bridal Package to suite your budget, all you have to do is decide how great you want to look together on the day.