The Dancecorp Trophy System of Learning

The Dancecorp Dance Studios Trophy System delivers amazing results and has been designed specifically to cater for those students who aspire to excellent dancing.

With a strong emphasis on advanced dance technique and styling instead of simply a knowledge of the figures alone, students who learn via the Dancecorp Trophy System enjoy the extra excitement, challenge and ultimately the rewards that come with truly excellent dancing.

The Trophy System is unique to Dancecorp Dance Studios and represents a comprehensive method of planning, teaching and servicing your dance program as well as monitoring your progress.

Our experience has shown that students who learn via the Trophy System enjoy better progress and achieve higher standards of dancing because they have definite goals to aim for.

These goals come in the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Supreme Gold standards of dancing and whilst these goals can still be achieved without using the Trophy System, official recognition is only gained if learning under the Trophy System.

Official recognition requires that the student be examined at each of the required levels in their current standard. These examinations are critical to the Trophy System and allow the student to gauge their progress as compared to a National Standard.

At the Intermediate level, which is the half way mark of each standard, students are presented with a trophy for passing their exam. Upon successfully passing their final exam in each of the standards, students are presented with a unique Dancecorp Dance Studios trophy and framed certificate signed by the National Dance Director in recognition of their achievement.