Hello Engaged Wedding Dance Enquirers!

You are probably wondering how the whole “Bridal Waltz” dance works. Do you NEED to do a wedding dance? Does it have to be a Waltz? Well the answer to both is no. However, while you might not NEED to do a wedding dance, it’s generally expected that you and your Bride or Groom will get the ball rolling for the frivolities of the reception, and traditionally there is a “First Dance” as a married couple.


Naturally there can be some nerves to overcome or the common ailment of ‘2 left feet syndrome’. We can reassure you that everyone can learn to dance, we just need to find the dance style that best suits you and the music you have chosen for your Bridal Dance and believe it or not, most couples actually have FUN while they are learning!


Most couples specialise in one dance (for their bridal dance) and if they have enough private wedding dance lessons in their program they will also try a little of something else so they can dance to other types of music throughout the night.


In our experience we find it’s best to look into starting your wedding dance lessons 3-4 months before the big day so you can fit the lessons in and have time to get comfortable while dancing. Learning the steps doesn’t take long, making it feel good and look smooth on your wedding day takes practice


Our Studio is located at 68 Hawthorne St, Woolloongabba Phone: 0401 092 508. We are available by phone Monday to Saturday. We would be happy to answer any further questions that you may have and get a time reserved for your Introductory Private Wedding Dance Lesson.

Looking forward to helping you create YOUR Bridal Dance, Dancecorp Brisbane Staff