What is a Bridal Program?

Your Bridal Dance Program is designed to enable you and your partner to confidently dance to your chosen song and make your dancing fun and enjoyable.

Your Bridal Program will consist of a variety of steps in the appropriate dance style for your piece of music. Whilst we can certainly teach you a fully choreographed routine for your bridal dance our experience has shown that most couples don’t have the time or the budget to approach their bridal dance in this way. Given this we find that it’s best to teach a variety of steps that can be lead in any order, complimented with a simple entrance to get your dance started to the music.

Upon completing this program you will be able to hold your own during your Bridal Dance, you will feel confident dancing with a variety of figures, good leading and following and dancing in time with your chosen piece of music. Your family and friends are sure to be amazed!